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In Defense of My Existence

26 January 2005

an introduction is in order...

They call me Fizz... well... they used to call me Fizz (back in the day). My best friend, Angel, is the only one who still does. So Hi! I'm Fizz. I take the title of this blog from a pseudo-memoir I've been working on. As a writer, this will be an interesting experiment for me (instant publishing).

It seems that many people who begin a blog feel the need to explain why in their first entries. I'm going to bypass that step. I don't have a reason. I just feel the need to purge. And in our tech-savvy, increasingly socially-disabled culture this seems the best outlet to make my purges heard. Yes... I--for whatever reason--feel the need to be heard. And this gives me a bit of practice at airing my laundry. My memoir, when completed, will air quite a bit more.

So this is my sparse introduction. Part of me wants to delete it and start over with an "in your face", "this is me!" exclamation. But that's not really my mood tonight so I think I'll leave it be. Be sure to check out Angel's blog ('twas not for her I would never be doing this).