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In Defense of My Existence

27 September 2005

bush's body armor

Second Chance Body Armor, Inc. is being investigated by the Justice Department to determine whether they knowingly sold defective bullet proof vests. The vests in question were used by such luminaries as the Secret Service, President Bush, and First Lady Laura Bush.

Stephen M. Kohn, a lawyer involved in the case, blasted Second Chance for continuing sales after the defective materials were discovered, saying: "Greed prevailed over the safety of police, soldiers and even the president of the United States. The officials who personally profited from selling the defective vests to law enforcement must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the criminal code."

Greed? Soldiers in harm's way? Capitalism run amok? And they're performing a criminal investigation?

Seems to me they should name Second Chance bullet-proof vests...

the Official Body Armor of the Bush Administration, WPE!

25 September 2005


I love the forearms of my hairy friend, Jane. And the wispy, black hairs that give her the sideburns of a teenaged boy trying to grow a goatee to prove his manhood to his friends and the popular girls in school; but feminine. And the whiskers at the corners of her mouth that she often forgets to trim that complement a robust neckbeard, far more defined than any I could ever sport. But it is Jane's forearms that seduce me.

Even my beau, as butch as he may be--except when forced to react to the world around him after a few martinis at the quaint, neighborhood bar we frequent--has forearms so bare as to warrant an occasional suggestion that he performs in drag.

Not so, Jane's.

When Jane's arms wrap around me--whether for a grand "hello" or a reassuring "see you soon"--the expected feelings of maternal warmth mingle with a sense of peace and security found in the embrace of a long gone, ever-distant father and the dark, fuzzy hair of his forearms.

13 September 2005

today i composed a limerick...

...and thought I would share:

There once was a girl called Marie
Who kept a fine circus of fleas.
On the topic of Itch
She'd exclaim, "It's a bitch!"
"But a bitch not so bad as my bees'!"

Thank you and good night.

01 September 2005

it's not looting...

...it's survival...